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Clarity in the Confusion

Scepticism, Halloween and the Frankenstorm

Through the eyes of a sceptic Halloween is a bizarre ritualistic occurrence, the one time of year when people get to shed their masks for hideous costumes. This stain on the calendar provides a superior form of nostalgia to all the other rituals pertained to annually, mainly due to the opportunity to engage in escapism. A behaviour that would lead some clinical psychologists to observe that “In its core, escapism means that most people, due to unsatisfying circumstances, again and again cause to ‘leave’ the reality in which they live in a cognitive and emotional way” (Vorderer, 2001). So in many ways Halloween has left its roots of ghost stories and children tales to become a kind of abstract mental holiday or even an artistic experience akin to a cinematic excursion. However, the horrid events of this week will have tested the staunchest of sceptics…

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